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Top Five Tech Job for the Future


The future holds a lot of possibilities for humanity and the tech industry continues to emerge with new and efficient ways to make people’s life better. From flying cars to hover skateboards, the tech industry has a history of over-hyping pretty much anything.
However, one thing is for sure, the future and possibilities in the technology industry is extremely bright.
Often at times, people would say that there are too many tech jobs and too few workers. The fact remains that over 25% of the global workforce would lose their jobs by the end of the year( as many jobs would become obsolete or outdated).
As sad as this may sound, it is good as there are a vast variety of tech careers with emerging opportunities for growth, newer challenges and more personal fulfillment. One just simply need be on the lookout for such emerging opportunities.
A research conducted in a 2019 future skills gap study by Mckinsey and Company, revealed that by 2030, 85% of professionals will work in jobs that don’t even exist yet. This means that the future jobs will require unique skills and changes quite different from most of today’s jobs. Therefore, as our need for more efficient technical solutions grow, so does the need to develop more advanced technical skills grow.
The next workforce of the world for the future won’t wait around. It’s here today already and is only going to get bigger. Below, we have compiled our top five picks for the tech jobs of the future.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer
Average Base Salary: $146,085
Job Growth, 2015-18: 344%
Artificial intelligence (AI), was originally founded as an academic discipline in 1956 but became transformed, in the mid-2010s with renewed funding and Microsoft’s introduction of The Kinect as a 3D body-motion interface, has quickly become the next big thing.
AI/Machine Learning Engineers have been in high demand as the focus of the tech industry shifts towards the emerging fields of Google, Microsoft and Facebook. By actively pursuing AI, these companies are looking to develop their AI tools and take on AI experts.
This trend seems well to be going in one direction and those with the necessary skills may well benefit by refocusing their interest and expertise in this new tech ‘boom ‘ called AI. Of course, this doesn’t mean one would have to become an AI whiz suddenly overnight, as it involves mores about understanding the opportunities and potentials and how they could be integrated into existing workflows and data sets created.
This means that those who are Al and Machine learning engineers have amongst others, the best future tech jobs by the most measures. A lot of these developers spend most of their time in training models involved in natural language processing, economic forecasting, and image recognition, using big data. This makes them of high demand in most fortune 500 tech companies.

Data Scientist

Average Salary, 2019: $120,495

Job Growth, 2018-19: 56%
Data Scientists spend their work hours gathering, cleaning, and visualizing data for organizations to aid in efficient and informed decision making processes. The bulk of data collected by Organizations and businesses tends to be on the increase on a daily basis. This makes it more important to them to employ and have skilled workers, with expertise in Data science.
Research has shown that the number of job openings for Data Science is huge and seem to show no sign of slowing. Due to the nature of this high demand, data scientists have become an integral part of the tech industry, both now and in the future.
Data scientist roles are more of heavy math-related solutions, as they tend to manipulate complex formulas to pull insights and reveal patterns. They are responsible making future predictions from data collected by companies to aid their business goal and objectives. They also develop, test new algorithms and write mathematical proofs. This role would involve making future predictions to help company objectives. In addition, one would also develop and test new algorithms.

Data Analyst
Median Salary, 2019: $118,370
Job growth, 2018-28: 16% (much faster than average)
The data analyst works to ensure data accuracy and find best ways to use that data. In the world of business today, data is king. This accounts for why more roles in most tech companies have a heavy focus on data and making data useful. One such role is that of data analysts. Data analysts are skilled at interpreting data.

Information Security Analyst
Median Salary, 2018: $98,350
Job growth, 2018-28: 32% (much faster than average)
The information security analyst plays an integral role in the protection of user data and sensitive company information. They ensure the safety of our data and aid companies in utilizing effective protective systems. In addition, their work is on the front lines, protecting information systems from cyber threats. In the today’s business world, computers and digital information continue to circumvent nearly everything involved in operations. This hence becomes the need for the role of the Information Security Analyst.

UX/UI designer
Average salaries for UX/UI designers: $85,277
The term ‘UX’ stands for user experience while UI stand for user interface. A UX/UI designer understands how to create beautiful, effective and functional user experiences and interfaces. UX /UI designers are the visual backbone of tech products. They are the force behind every seamless online experience. A UX designer is a professional whose job to ensure that a product functions in a way that is easy for people to use. The job of a UX/UI designer involves a lot of sketching, researching and collaborative feedback meetings.



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