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List of Tech Gadget you need as a Freelancer and their purpose


When it comes to freelancing, the kind of gadgets you use plays a great role in determining how well you do in your business. This is because freelancing is best suited for tod’s fast paced world and as such requires that you have the necessary work tools should you ever be on the road, while doing a job.
The flexibility of being a freelancer is one of the perks for which a lot of people choose to follow this path, unlike the more rigid 9-5 hour, everyday job. This ease of flexibility also means one has to have the right gadget for work, to allow for changes in the course of doing your work.
So whatever is the case, whether you have started your freelancing career or about to start, this guide seeks to provide you withal the list of tech gadgets you would need as a freelancer and the purpose which they aim to perform( in the course of working with them).
Again, having the right gadget as a freelancer saves you time and energy and as such influences the quality and delivery of your orders. These gadgets are also fun and loving and can help make your freelancing journey highly exciting and worthwhile. Some of these gadgets are:

A Backpack
One of the perks with being a freelancer is that you don’t have to go to the office as you often do before every day. This means you can work from anywhere with an internet connection and as such would need a reliable, standard backpack that helps prevent your equipment from being stolen. Also, some other freelancers operate as nomads or become fully digital nomads. This can be defined by the Guardian, as one who works remotely with the internet without having a fixed home address. So it does not matter where you are working from, whether as a freelancer in a coffee shop or as a nomad halfway around the world, a reliable backpack will always come in handy so you can keep all your things.
This backpack can be of any color or size according to your preference. It is also important that the backpack is theft-proof and water-resistant to a very large extent. That way, you won’t have to worry about the security of your things as you move about from place to place. Some modern backpacks even have a USB charging function which can be of great help when your gadgets become pushed beyond their power limits.
The sound around you when working can often contribute to the success of your work as a freelancer. This makes it best to avoid noises or distracting sounds as much as possible, especially when working outdoors like in a café or in an outdoor coffee shop. This is where the use of headphones comes in handy. In addition, distracting noise sounds are also known to cause excessive stress, which could in turn hamper your productivity or affect your physical health overtime.
On the other hand, the right headphones with music being played can be a great boost to your productivity as well. It is often best to use noise-cancelling headphones, as they help ward off unwanted distractions. This will greatly help make your freelancing experience highly invigorating and interesting.
The need for a laptop that best suits your work demands cannot be clearly overemphasized. A laptop is like the writer’s pen and this hugely determines the success or failure of your projects as a freelancer. Considering that your laptop often serves as your “office”, where most (if not all) of your work is done, it is important that you get the best one as much as possible, that meets your specific needs.
When it comes to picking a laptop that will suit your specific needs, it is best to look out for the following key features as determinants in helping you choose a particular laptop. These include: a strong and long-lasting battery, a high processor speed and a high RAM size. These will greatly help your productivity. It is also pertinent that you look out for the size of the hard drive (a large one preferably), in some case for the purpose of storing information in very large quantities on the laptop. Other important but less key aspects to check out for is the operating system as well as the number of ports, all of which depends relatively one the kind of work you do.

Laptop Power Bank
Sometimes in the course of working as a freelancer, the fear of your devices drying out on you can greatly hamper your productivity, especially in case where you are out of time or have a deadline to meet up with. This is where the laptop power bank comes in handy.
When purchasing a laptop power bank, it is best you focus on two key aspects; safety and power. For some people, size can also matter as well. One of such power bank that meets this standard is the Mophie Powerstation PD XL. This laptop power bank has USB-C PD & USB-C power delivery, which is often the safest and fastest way to charge your devices.

External Hard Drive
Every freelancer knows the important of information storage in the course of working, as back-ups are everything when it comes to staying on top of the game. This helps you prepare for unforeseen incident of lost work. This is where an external hard drive comes in handy and can be a great life saver for a freelancer at very odd times.

When it comes to making purchases of an external hard drive, it is best to look out for longevity and space in deciding the one to pick. This is key in having a reliable, lifesaving external hard drive.


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