Choosing a career where your interest and passion lies can often be very exciting. However one must also remember that a career is with you for life unless you choose to take a different path after some time. This is why it is important to take time to consider your passions, likes and dislikes before opting to become a tech expert or any other career for that matter.
This also holds true in that if you pick up a tech career that is not really of your interest, there is a tendency of achieving minimal or no growth in your career path. Most people would often do this out of societal pressure or because of their friends. The sad part to this is that you would become discouraged and left to bear the effects of your choice when challenges seem to emerge.
Just like every new career, becoming a technology expert can be very exhilarating and also stressful at the same time. The stress here could be attributed to activities from work or challenges encountered in failed projects. This stress and many other underlying factors can be listed as the disadvantages of becoming an expert in the technology industry.
Although there are numerous advantages that one can accrue overtime to oneself in becoming a tech expert, there are some significant disadvantages. These disadvantages when left unchecked can hamper your growth in the technology industry. They can also lead to depression if allowed to defeat your purpose in starting out in becoming a tech expert, in the first place.
Every industry of benefit to humanity has its advantages and disadvantages. The same can be said for the I.T industry which is not some sort of Utopia of its own. Below are some disadvantages that we have seen comes with the perk of becoming a tech expert.
Work tends to be deadline driven
Becoming a tech expert would require one becomes deadline driven. This is because most IT jobs are deadline driven and workers in the tech industry are often under constant pressure to deliver client’s jobs on time. For example, we developers tend to be under pressure most of the time to deliver a client’s job or coded project. Also, penetration testers and software developers may be called on from time to time to create new software programs or deploy new user accounts to be tested by a certain date and time.
Other times, the deadline is often unreasonable due to the enormous amount of work required to meet it. Yet, one is still expected to deliver and meet up with it. This tends to be stressful as one is kept on high alert at all times.
Another side to this is that even the smallest mistake can cause large problems in the course of doing the job that can take a very long time to provide solutions to. For instance, web programmers often tend to encounter bugs in the course of writing their codes and often spend a large chunk of their time, finding out solutions to the bugs in a process known as “debugging”.

It is a hard career to explain
This tends to surface as there are many branches to IT and as such people are often confused about which area one tends to be working. These branches in the IT industry ranges from programming, development, cyber security, network administration, desktop support to system admins. This makes people categorize everyone as doing the same job in the IT industry and this can often be frustrating and unfair in bidding for jobs.
The hours are long and odd
Working in the IT industry as a tech expert requires long hours of hard work and odd times; including weekends and at night. This is because in the course of finding a solution to a technical challenge, one could have to sit on it for endless hours, and sometimes sleepless nights. This becomes even more challenging when there is a crash in the computer system being used to do the work.
In addition, some technical problems require ongoing continuous solutions which could take months to find and fix. This tends to be quite stressful and depressing for the tech expert, especially when there are few individuals with the knowledge expertise to resolve the challenge.
You have to keep your education current
The constantly evolving nature of the IT industry makes the need to keep up with new information in the industry a necessity in becoming an expert. This can become quite challenging as information tends to get outdated quickly. This makes keeping your education current the only way to keep your knowledge relevant. Surprisingly, this can be quite difficult to do, alongside all the complicated technical material you have to learn. This becomes even more demanding with the long work hours and the tireless sleepless nights as well as the never-shrinking IT training budgets.
Screen time
Becoming a tech expert requires spending much time in front of your computer screen. This puts one at a high risk of certain health hazards including weak eyesight band bad posture. This can also affect the eyes and lead to unnecessary weight gain overtime.
In conclusion, despite the aforementioned disadvantages, the passion and interest of the individual in becoming a tech expert will still come to play in helping him stay resolute in his chosen career path. This means that with determination and a desire to make a difference, one would achieve one’s pursuit irrespective of the challenges faced.


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