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All you need to know about Information Technology Manager Career

Information Technology Manager Career

The increasingly high demand for technology is becoming a trend in organizations and businesses. This rising trend is due to the fact that organizations are always looking for ways to improve on their products and services, hence the case for increased use of technology. This also puts on them the demand to look for individuals who are always able...

All you need to know about Network and Systems Admin Career

Network and Systems Admin Career

Who is a Network and Systems Administrator? One of the important parts of every organization is the place of computer networks. These networks are highly critical in the day-to-day running of every organization. This makes their maintenance and protection of great key to the organization and this is usually the work of Computer Network and Systems Administrator. The Computer network...

Common Medical Conditions Affecting Programmers

Medical Conditions Affecting Programmers

The world of programming is full of exciting opportunities and epoch breaking inventions. However in the process of providing solutions to everyday technological problems, programmers often tend to be victims of a couple of medical conditions. These are often the product of endless hours of sitting before the computer, coding, which could lead to wrong posture in sitting or...

All you need to know about Computer Support Specialist

Computer Support Specialist

The increasing rise in the usage of technological hardware and software by organization, in terms of complexity and features, demands the experience of individuals and professionals that will provide answers to end users questions. This is the work of the computer support specialist. They are like the “customer care agents” of most organizations, providing help and support to end-users. Computer...



Getting started in your career is a very important decision of one’s life and requires a lot of careful deliberations before finally taking the huge step. However for those who choose to make huge career shifts, it is important you start on the right foundation so as to have a long-lasting robust career in your chosen field. A programming career...



Choosing a career where your interest and passion lies can often be very exciting. However one must also remember that a career is with you for life unless you choose to take a different path after some time. This is why it is important to take time to consider your passions, likes and dislikes before opting to become a...

All You Need To Know About Web Developer Career


The role of technology in our lives cannot be overemphasized, from simple designs and apps to epoch breaking inventions. Every piece of technological work we see around us, either a website or software is product of a web developer. The question then becomes, who exactly is a web developer and what does he do? The world of web development may...

All you need to know about the Software Developer Career


The software developer career is one of the top-ranking career paths when it comes to the field of IT. In today’s world where most processes in business and commerce is being run by technology, involving software and computer programs, the software developer is highly invaluable. The amazing aspect of this career path is that it accommodates a wide range...

All you need to know Sales Engineers


The world of marketing and business tend to flow on the efforts of sales persons who help businesses and organizations meet their goals. This they do through the effective selling of products and services to prospective customers. In the same vein, the sales engineer is the sales person of the technological world. They are the brains behind the massive...

All you need to know about Computer Systems Analyst Career


The effective functioning of a company’s computer structure and systems is pivotal to the security and protection of her information. This is especially true in these days where computer hackers are in the habit of exploiting vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the computer security systems of companies and even the software products of large organizations for their incessant gains. These...