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All You Need To Know About Web Developer Career


The role of technology in our lives cannot be overemphasized, from simple designs and apps to epoch breaking inventions. Every piece of technological work we see around us, either a website or software is product of a web developer. The question then becomes, who exactly is a web developer and what does he do?
The world of web development may seem quite complicated or confusing to the outside eye and may even be termed by some as a highly inaccessible field. However, to help you understand all you need to know about the web developer career, we have put together this guide to give you the right perspective to this highly technical field.

What is a Web Developer?
A web developer, also known as a programmer is one who takes the plans and layouts created by web designers and code them into live, usable, working websites. The process of taking these plans and layouts and coding them into live websites is called web development.
Web development is quite a vast field and can be further broken down into three general categories, according to what each developer does:
A. Front End Web Developers— these are web developers who help to build the visible, conspicuous parts of the website. By the visible parts, we mean the part you see, as a front-view, facing you when one visits a web browser. A front end web developer use languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build these visible parts. They are responsible for the beautiful delicate features which tend to appear on most websites, making them look exceptional .This category of web developers is highly sought after as they do everything from work for established companies to freelancing on their own. In addition, they also build their skills while working for individual clients.
B. Back End Web Developers— the backend developer, as the name goes, works on the unseen aspects of the website. They ensure that the website runs smoothly without any breakdown in operation or lag in speed. They are the brains behind the functionality of the website, making it perform different functions. For instance, they use “server side” programming languages to request data from a site’s web server, and this outputs as HTML on a user screen. While the front end developer works on the interaction of the website with the end user, the back end developer focuses on the operations which make those interactions possible. Their work is more of a “behind the scene” experience.
C. Full Stack Web Developers— these are a combination of the skillsets of both the front end developer and the back end developer, hence the name “full stack”. They are programmers who use their experience in both front end and backend programming to develop efficient and seamless websites. Some them can also act as mobile app developers, and help to create applications that work on mobile devices. Their operation is quite demanding and requires a lot of experience and understanding, both as a front end developer and as a backend developer.
When it comes to choosing which of these career paths one would delve into, it tends to depend on the individual’s career goals and interests. Most often at times, it takes hard work, dedication and years of experience to become either of these developers, especially as a full stack developer.

What Does a Web Developer Do?
The basic work of a web developer is to build and maintain websites. This role could involve, in-house or freelance, involving specific tasks, depending on the developer working on the web project, whether frontend, backend or full-stack. Full stack developers tend to do the work of both front-end and backend developers, growing and developing their abilities towards making the most out of the web project.
In addition, Web developers help to create products whose aim is to meet both the client’s needs and that of the end user. They do this by collaborating with stakeholders, clients and other web designers to determine the look and features of the website.
Another aspect of a web developer job involves fixing and identifying bugs which tend to hamper the effective flow of the website. Web developers are more problem-solving oriented and focus on solving problems that often come about in running the website. This enables them to keep things running smoothly constantly.




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