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All you need to know about the Software Developer Career


The software developer career is one of the top-ranking career paths when it comes to the field of IT. In today’s world where most processes in business and commerce is being run by technology, involving software and computer programs, the software developer is highly invaluable. The amazing aspect of this career path is that it accommodates a wide range of individuals, from various other fields, whether you have a computer science background or one closely related to math. There are several aspects to note in becoming a software developer. If you having been thinking along the lines of “how do I become a software developer, then this guide is definitely for you.
Our desire is to help you understand all you need to know about the software developer career path and how you can take advantage of the massive opportunities in this field. Before we begin, we will first attempt to explain “who really a software developer is”.

Who is a Software Developer?
By definition, a software developer is someone who helps to write the code behind software products (video games, operating systems, apps, features, robots, etc.) for individuals, companies and organizations. They are people who help turn the ideas of technology inventors into finished products. These products could be applications, software, or even video games. This they do by programming the codes for the creation of these products.
Why should one become a Software Developer?
Before we further talk about software developers and what they do, it is important one understands why one should become a software developer or choose the career path as it relates to your career goals. So, why would someone really want to become a software developer?
One of the foremost reasons why most people would often choose the software developer career path is the salary that goes with it. The fact remains that software developers are one of the highest paid individuals in the world of IT. This reasonably stems up from the fact that most companies and organizations run on technology and often create technological products for their customers. This is software developers come to play. They are not only highly paid but are highly sought after and dominate the IT job market.
The difficulty in building software and applications, alongside the hassles of fixing the bug or issues associated with them, contributes also to the high salary for software developers. This is because software development is a really difficult craft to master and as such it makes sense that the rewards match the work that needs be put into it. A typical software developer would earn a bit over $73,000 annually, according to Glassdoor.com. This when calculated monthly would amount to about $6, 140. That’s quite a great salary and yet funny enough it is just on the average. If you give much time and effort to your work, you would definitely climb over the average with time.

Another obvious reason why people often delve into becoming software developer is the massive career opportunities it provides. The high job security it provides makes people want to give their time in choosing this career path. And this is also true as the career path allows one to keep learning and growing while still advancing the path. New software and products are being made every day to tackle the challenges in our ever growing world. Hence, the need for software developers cannot be overemphasized. These entire reasons make up for the huge interest people tend to have in software development as a specialty.

What does a Software developer do?
The bulk of work of a software developer mainly involves software development. These software developers produce software that is used in most companies and even in individuals’ devices and homes. Again, one should also note that there are different kinds of developers depending on the work they are doing or the platform for which they are building the software. In this regard, some developers work on desktop programs, others on web platform development and some other on mobile platform development.
So majorly apart from creating these software, developers or devs, as they are fondly called focus on two other task- the update and preservation of the current running versions of these software platforms. The software developer does not only work alone but often teams up with other designers, marketing specialists and engineer in a bid to establish a link between the product they are creating and meeting the end user’s needs. So it important that one choose the platform to build or develop for before deciding on becoming a software developer.

How to become a Software Developer
There are various steps one can take in becoming a software developer. This ranges from getting a graduate degree to even learning from online boot camps. However, the learning path one may choose to take in becoming a software developer, there are basic steps one can progressively follow in becoming successful in this career path. These steps include:

First, decide what your goal is in becoming a software developer

Choose a good software programming language you want to learn

Practice constantly and consistently software development. Remember, “practice makes one perfect”

Discover and look out for real tools that most software developers use and use them.

Read and re-read the programming codes written by other software devlopers to gain perspective and insights from them.

Find around you’re a software developer group that you can work with, either online or offline with a meetup group.

Build and deploy actual programming projects.


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