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All you need to know about Network and Systems Admin Career

Network and Systems Admin Career

Who is a Network and Systems Administrator?
One of the important parts of every organization is the place of computer networks. These networks are highly critical in the day-to-day running of every organization. This makes their maintenance and protection of great key to the organization and this is usually the work of Computer Network and Systems Administrator. The Computer network and systems administrator help to ensure the proper functioning and day-to-day operation of the computer networks in an organization.
Their work involves the processes involved with the operation and effective functioning of computer networks, including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), intranets, network segments and other data communication systems. The processes include installation, organization as well as providing support for these computer networks.

Salary structure and Job outlook for Network and Systems Admin Career

The expected median annual wage (the wage at which half the workers in an occupation earned more than that amount and half earned less) for network and computer systems administrators is $83,510. This is quite high when compared to other occupations in the IT world. This median annual wages for top industries tend to vary as seen from the distribution below:
Educational services; state, local, and private $73,640
Computer systems design and related services $87,110
Management of companies and enterprises $87,360
Information $89,300
Finance and insurance $89,420

Most organizations depend highly on the computer and network systems administrator as such, they often tend to work overtime to ensure the proper functioning and operation of the computer networks continuously every day.
The job outlook for the computer systems and network administrators is quite encouraging. The Employment growth rate has been projected to grow over 5 percent, within the next ten years. This is due to the incessant demand for workers from this occupation by most organizations, within and outside the technological world. This stems up from the fact that as organizations grow, they often tend to invest in newer and faster technology and mobile networks.
Another area where these workers are also in high demand is the health care sector, due to the increased use of information technology (IT) in the field of medicine. In addition, the employment of computer network and systems administrators is projected to increase by 24 percent in the fields of computer and other related services industry. This is consequently due to the recent adoption of cloud computing by most business, both medium and small scale businesses. This is because most of them don’t have their own specialized IT departments

What Network and Computer Systems Administrators Do?
The duties of the Computer systems and network administrators are in the following order:
 Computer administrators aid in providing technical support for computer users. They also play supervisory roles for computer support specialists in providing solutions to end user’s problems. In addition, they play major roles in decisions relating to the purchase of hardware and software for upgrading the organization’s network. They can also create network models as well as analyze them.
 Computer administrators also work with employees of an organization to ensure the proper functioning of their workstations and the stable connection to the computer central networks. They are also involved in the management and maintenance of the mobile equipment and servers of an organization. They work to ensure the proper operation of data storage networks and emails of the organization and her employees.
 They provide solutions to problems of users when alerted by the user or an automated monitoring system of an impending problem.
 They aid to update and assign security permissions on the computer network as well as add users to the network.
 They are involved in the maintenance of the computer security and network systems of organizations.
 They also ensure maximum operation of system networks by constantly evaluating them for improvement purposes.
 They aid to carry out the necessary repairs and upgrades on computer systems and networks to ensure they are functioning properly.
 They are involved in the installation of hardware and software in an organization and also in accessing or determining their needs.
 They also engage in training users in the proper use of hardware and software

Personality and Interests
According to the Holland Code framework, the Network and computer systems administrators have an interest in the areas related to Building, Thinking and Organizing. These interest areas are connected to their everyday work in the organization. For instance, the Building interest area is an indication of interest in making or fixing practical things and working with tools and machines. The Thinking interest area is an indication of a passionate interest in research, investigation and increased understanding of natural laws while the Organizing interest area is a clear indication of the arrangement of information and processes to keep thing in orderly systems.
In addition, Network and computer systems administrators should also possess the following specific qualities:
Computer skills: they are involved in the administration of different computer connections and equipment and also ensure they function properly.
Communication skills: they must be able to explain the nature of problems and solutions to other employees of the organization including non-IT workers.
Multitasking skills: they are often versed with multiple task and must be able to attend to several tasks and problems at the same time.
Problem-solving skills: they must be able to identify problems and durable solutions as it arises within computer networks and systems.

Analytical skills: this skill helps them evaluate the performance and operation of computer systems network and make decisions about how the changes in the environment affect them.

How to become a Computer Systems and Network Administrators

Education for Network and Computer Systems Administrators
A. Get a bachelor’s degree: this degree is usually in an area related to computer or information science. However, some other employees only require post-secondary certificate or an associate’s degree.
B. Invest in computer training programs and certifications: this is necessary as network technology is constantly changing and administrators need keep up with the changes in technology. This involves constantly learning from courses and attending IT conferences throughout one’s career in order to keep up with new trends and changes in the technological industry.


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