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All you need to know about Information Technology Manager Career

Information Technology Manager Career

The increasingly high demand for technology is becoming a trend in organizations and businesses. This rising trend is due to the fact that organizations are always looking for ways to improve on their products and services, hence the case for increased use of technology. This also puts on them the demand to look for individuals who are always able to solve problems related to computer and information systems. This is where the role of the information technology manager comes to play.
A career in information technology (IT) management is a very smart move as it is in high demand by organizations and business. This growing demand for information technology managers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), is projected to rise by 11 percent over the next ten years, say 2018 to 2028. As businesses continue to expand and advance towards the use of new technological hardware and software, they will always be in need of information technology managers.

Since this career outlook seems quite interesting and strong, one might begin to wonder “who really is an IT manager and what does he do? Before we go in-depth in answering that question, we will just briefly say that “an IT manager is one who helps increase the productivity of an organization by managing teams and specialists to solve hardware and software related issues within the organization”.
To help you decide on whether or not to choose this career path, the following is a guide to help you understand all you need to know about information technology managers, including their job responsibilities, skills and the education required to succeed in the occupation of IT management.

Why become an Information Technology Manager?

The overwhelming demand for computer and technology-based managers is so much that it has been projected that the job market is expected to grow by 15% each year until the year 2024. This is quite high as it almost doubles that of the average increase for other occupations. This makes it one of the reasons why most people often choose this career path as it has strong job security.
In addition, the mean annual salary range is also another obvious reason why people often delve into this career path. Below is a breakdown of the salary range for the information technology manager in the US, UK and India, from entry- level to professional or experience level.
Entry-Level $59,000
Mid-Career $76,000
15 Years’ Experience $91,000
Entry-Level £33,000
Mid-Career £37,000
15 Years’ Experience £41,000
Entry-Level R259,000
Mid-Career R400,000
15 Years’ Experience R475,000

What Do IT Managers Do?

The IT manager is the one who helps manage the teams and specialists, in matters related to computer systems hardware and software within an organization. As such, he must be keep abreast of the recent trends and technologies in the market, so as to correctly and professionally advise stakeholders on the possibilities and opportunities of initiating innovations and workflows within the organization. This position requires a lot of evaluation of trends, organizational outcomes and development of possible strategies to tackle problems.
Other responsibilities of the IT manager are:
• Carrying out regular auditing of computer systems and networks.
• Creating and developing systems structured to properly meet the needs of an organization.
• Leading and supervising research in technology through the study of the goals, strategies, user projects and practices of the organization.
• They also engage in the recruitment, orientation and training of employees.
• They provide evaluation to ascertain the possibility and viability of proposed projects..
• They regularly carry out checks on computer systems network and data security.
• They help to prepare reports for IT budgets management and allocation.
• They also engage in discussions with staffs and other managers of the organization to identify their IT needs and challenges.

Quality Skills needed by IT managers
The skills needed by an IT manager transcends beyond just technical know-how. It also entails some soft skills which are critical for the development of proper interpersonal relationship with staffs and other managers of the organization. Some of these soft skill attributes are:
 The need to understand complex information and requirements.
 The ability to effectively communicate in simple and concise terms the complex information and technologies.
 Strong leadership ability and decision-making capacity skills.
 Strong superior team leadership ability.
 A strong and well developed analytical mindset
 Ability to work under pressure and meet very tight deadlines.
 Strong delegation ability of activities to others.
 Excellent problem-solving skills.
 Ability to correctly prioritize activities and flexibility in adaption to plans.
 Skillfulness in negotiation.
 Good and sound organizational ability.

How to become an IT manager?

Due to the fact that IT managers need to possess technical expertise and knowledge in computer –related field, the minimum one would need to begin this career path is a Bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field.
In addition, organizations often tend to favour IT managers with proven skills in business management, and as such would readily employ one who possesses a Master’s in Business Administration as well.



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